Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients.

” I definitely do enjoy the workouts, and the fact that it isn’t too crowded definitely helps in getting some attention when I need it.” Arun S.

“3 weeks ago I got the starter pass at Johnny Fit. I was very skeptical at first, after doing crossfit for two years I was worried that it would not challenge me enough. I was so wrong! The trainers really pay attention to your skill level and tweak the exercises to your ability. It’s like getting personal training in a group class setting. After my 2 weeks of trial, I already felt leaner and meaner! The decision was simple I joined! After less than 3 weeks I dropped 4lbs. Very happy with my results so far!” Amy O.

“I was an out-of-shape 57 year old woman that signed up for the “Two-week Starter Pass”. It is an awesome deal, and now three weeks later I’m excited about exercising, I’ve lost inches and I feel so much better! The hour class goes pretty fast, and the instructors really help me to go at my own pace, yet still make gains. I highly recommend it!” Cindy C.

“I truly believe that JohnnyFit is the best thing that happened to the Forest Heights neighborhood. His team is extremely dedicated to understanding your goals to push you in the right direction in achieving the results. I am very happy with the results I see in the last 6 weeks I have worked out there. I am inspired with Johnny’s simplicity and integrity in bringing a good lifestyle change in people. His Yoga classes have motivated me both spiritually, mentally and physically, that I come out of the classes very energized. I am so impressed with their program that I have introduced my family and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a Happy results oriented workout all at one place – it’s “JohnnyFit”. Thank you so much Johnny for what you do, we wish you all the success in the world!!!” Veena P.

“I have been training with Johnny for a couple months now, and love his classes! He’s the perfect combination of intensity and motivation — enough to push you to your max while keeping you inspired to keep going. He’s extremely knowledgeable about new workout techniques like kettlebells and TRX, but also utilizes his knowledge of traditional yoga practice to target every aspect of training. I highly recommended him!” Sarah P.

“I am never disappointed with Johnny’s workouts. They challenge me every time! If Johnny sees that I can work harder, he comes over and pushes me harder by pacing me faster. Trying to keep up with Johnny will challenge even the best athlete. He makes class fun with his quick smile and witty comments. I NEVER leave disappointed…but I always leave exhausted.” Ashley T.

“I had to meet with a tailor today to alter suits and dress shirts because of the weight loss. I’m not sure the total change since we started working together, but he measured me 5 months ago, and since then I have lost TWO inches in the waist, and FIVE (yes FIVE) inches in the abdomen/torso, which does explain why my shirts and coats seem so large now.

Also, my chest measurement was constant, which presumably means I replaced fat with muscle there?

IN either case – pretty motivating…” Earl H.

“Having just returned from college, I was ready to move forward and take on the world, which of course included leaving behind the Freshman 15 I have carried for the past four years. That’s when I met Johnny who was so encouraging and enthusiastic about helping me meet my fitness goals. Coupled with his in-depth knowledge of fitness and technique, I looked forward to working with him every session. He worked me hard, but it was completely worth it. I have not felt this in shape and confident in my fitness since my days playing basketball in High School! Thanks Johnny!” Richard J.

and more testimonials…

“I’ve worked out most of my life, but the best workouts I have had to date has been in taking classes by Johnny. Why? I like the structure of his workouts…constantly moving with small breaks in between. He provides great motivation and is actively involved in his classes. He’ll make sure you’re doing the workouts the right way, so as to not injure yourself. He’s also great about knowing when I should be pushing myself…which I appreciate since I can slack from being tired.

Between boot camp and yoga, I have not only lost 10 pounds, but am stronger, toned, and flexible. In the past, I was never able to touch my toes (w/o bending my knees) and had very weak shoulders. Now, I can easily touch my toes and able to do push-ups/planks easily. Best of all, I love the results of looking more fit and feeling more energetic! His classes are addicting!” Jominee H.

“Thanks Johnny for the great dose of whoop ass today! The workout was a great mix of functional movements!!” Jim S.

“Thanks John for the personal kettle bell classes…” Sue Z.

“People like you are definite sources of motivation! I often need motivation, & thanks to friends like you I don’t have to look far… Keep it coming Johnny! I look forward to Going Big!!!” Jessica T.

“I’ve just started on kettlebells, and your tips and workouts are inspiring.” Anthony M.

“The fact that you combined honesty with a healthy game plan really made it easy for me to believe you when you said the kettlebell workout is an efficient cardio exercise. Your funny and genuine style is the final hook, and now I’m ready to sing your praises to all who will listen!” Jenny M.

“Johnny, has been a GREAT addition to our neighborhood. Not only has it been a great workout/lifestyle program, it has created a wonderful sense of community. I’ve met people that live in Forest Heights that I never would have known otherwise. Even my immediate neighbors, who I rarely see, have joined the club – which has expanded our friendships – and all of that is good for Forest Heights.” David W.

“We love getting in shape by your instruction. I feel the best I’ve felt physically in a long time. Thank YOU for being awesome!” Justin W.

“I have really enjoyed getting in shape with you. The constant encouragement has been priceless. I have been astounded by my results and strive to continue to make healthy choices.” Wimberley M.

“Johnny, You are an amazing motivator, trainer, and coach. It is obvious that you have the skills and know how to help people meet their fitness goals while creating a welcoming environment where we are all happy to train. I look forward to a future full of kick-butt workouts! Thank you for all you do! Kari C.

“We love the trainers and the chance to get to know our neighbors and to work out at such a convenient location. Johnny is committed to growing the current membership and providing a variety of workout options and is a local business, not faceless chain.” Kira C.

“I love the early morning workout options and the type of training that we have been doing. Having access to the gym has made a big difference in my life. Thanks” Chris F.

“I have been coming to the Forest Heights studio since September 2012 and it’s become an important part of my life. I look forward to attending the Bootcamp classes several times per week and more recently your Yoga classes two times per week. It’s very convenient for me as I live only one block from the studio. I really enjoy training with you!” Patty D.

“It has been the best over all work out for me, and the trainers are fabulous. I can work out at 5:30 am, go home shower, walk the dog, get the kids off, and be at work at 7:30 am. I have never been able to do that. Plus socially, I have met nice neighborhood people. The classes are very personable because the staff is so great. I am in fabulous shape. Thank you so much Johnny and the staff.” Robin M.

“This Forest Heights location is my home away from home. I have enjoyed meeting new people, love you and the other trainers.” Nancy V.

“The personal benefits that I have realized have been huge. I have lost about 15 lbs of fat, gained some strong muscles, and you have reconnected me back to my yoga practice, which moves me! Moms like me can get a workout in before the kids wake up or while they are at school.

You have such a great attitude and are an inspiring teacher. The fact that we have a gym right in the middle of our neighborhood has been absolutely huge, and something that I have not taken for granted for a minute. I have also gained a community of workout peers that I never would have known, had it not been for the gym. These are people that I probably passed everyday in the neighborhood, each caught up in our busy lives. What an unexpected benefit.

You are bringing something very important to Forest Heights. And those of us who have been members over the past year have truly valued every minute of it (even when you are killing us with a really challenging workout)!

Johnny, thanks for what you have done for my life so far. I hope to continue working out with you for many days to come.” Carey P.

“I can’t wait for more of your kick-butt classes. Thank you!” Lacie B.

“It is not only a place to work out and get fit and healthy, it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet many people that live in Forest Heights and outside Forest Heights, I had the opportunity to meet and share moments with Forest Heights residents and get closer as a community. Thank you for making this possible. As many of us feel the Fitness center was a great addition for all of us. Many residents are asking about it, our kids are asking about it, what a wonderful way to send the message to all Forest Heights residents that it is important to stay fit and it is just around the corner ;)” Nelly B.

“All of you are excellent trainers (motivational, fun and ensuring we keep correct form/technique). I love that you teach a challenging yoga class. Thank you!” Nonie C.

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my appreciation for the Forest Heights fitness center location. I have attended workouts in various locations in the NW Portland and Bethany areas but the caliber of training quality especially as provided by Johnny Nasello, plus the convenience of the location make the experience unrivaled in my opinion. As a mother of young children, a high quality fitness program that is less than a 5 minute drive away is vital to my personal health and well-being, and therefore to the health and well-being of my family.” Mika T.

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